Who Are We?


We Support 450 Orphans and Vulnerable Children Annually

Family of Hope Services is based in Katutura, a former township on the outskirts of the capital city of Windhoek, in Namibia.  People in Katutura live in tin shacks and have no running water or electricity.  Yet they must pay for school fees, uniforms, books, exam fees, and support their children with very little income and no government support.

For 14 years we’ve been helping orphaned and vulnerable children in Namibia find a better life. 

    • We educate these kids to instill life skills so they have a chance in the world.
    • We feed these kids so they have the proper nutrition to nourish their bodies and keep them healthy.
    • We find sponsors for school, donors for food, sponsors for counseling and medical care, volunteers for tutoring and self-esteem building.
    • We help older kids (between 10 and 16) who’ve never been to school in their lives, to reach a level where they can get into the formal school system.
    • We give kids who feel helpless, a safety net to ensure they are protected.
    • We rely on donations of money for school fees, food, clothing, school items, toiletries, and furniture.

We Run Our Organization with Very Little Money

The totals below are from 2014.

10 Full-Time and 4 Part-time

Total Salaries

$2260 USD per month

Paid by Major Donors

Total Administration

$1290 USD per month


  • We are run primarily by volunteers.
  • Our highest salaries paid are approximately $500 US; €450; N$5000 per month.
  • The rest of our employees earn far less.
  • We are audited and happy to provide you with our audited statement.

FHS Audited StatementsTo go through our audited finanacial statements, please click on the button below.  We are having another audit conducted in 2015.

FHS Report

We live where the overall cost of living index equates with middle-income living in other parts of the world. According to the World Bank, the overall cost of living in Namibia is only 30% less expensive than the United States based on purchasing power parity estimates.

We are registered as:

  • a welfare organization with the Namibian Department of Health and Social Services – WO295;
  • a member of the Khomas Regional Aids Coordinating Committee (RACOC); and
  • a member of the Namibia Network of Aids Services Organization (NANASO).