Over 23% of pre-school children in Namibia have vitamin A deficiency which makes them 20 times more likely to die from common childhood diseases.

One out of four Namibian children has reduced capacity to learn as a result of an iodine deficiency.

In the region where we operate, close to 400 children are treated for malnutrition every year. These are the kids who actually are taken to the hospital. We know these official numbers are unofficially much higher and would be even more tragic if it wasn’t for the feeding programs offered by various organizations throughout the area.In our feeding program, the 200 plus children whom we provide a meal to every day might not otherwise have food to eat.

    –One full meal a day, five days a week. Depending on what we can negotiate in bulk, we feed the children rice or mealy meal, along with beans, stock and bread.
    –A snack of bread and juice or a vitamin drink.
    –The children have access to clean water to drink and wash with while at our Centre, and they have toilet facilities they can use.