“We raise funds for Family of Hope Services from many people, all over the United States, because Abigail Bachopi has wonderful foresight when it comes to aiding orphans and vulnerable children through education and care.  We were so fortunate to visit and see first hand how much nurturing, care and love the children receive.  Before we arrived we had raised money to purchase a refrigerator for the soup kitchen to store their garden produce.  While we were there we also bought a caterer’s stove plus gas tank and we installed it.  What a moving experience for us to actually serve the children a meal knowing for most this would be their only meal for the day.    This all touched our hearts so much that as a group we raise and sponsor seven precious children every year for school fees and meals.    To God be the glory!”

Jackie Reeder  – Little Red Hen.  Jackie is the mother of Suzanne Rineer (middle), the founder of Little Red Hen.  Suzanne devotes her life to empowering women and children.  Photo (from left to right: Christy Rineer, Suzanne Rineer, Jackie Reeder.

“After visiting FHS’s premises and seeing what they do for so many kids on a shoe‐string budget, we were moved and impressed. We know our investment is going to a worthy cause. When we see so many community people volunteering to cook food, clean the facility, and watch over the kids within the community to make sure they are safe, we know the community believes in this organization as well.”


Luc Jaeb, Vice-President-Manufacturing, Laurelton Diamonds, a subsidiary of Tiffany & Co.  They invested $35,000 USD towards land development for a new centre. http://www.tiffany.com/sustainability/mining_diamonds.aspx

“When I met Abigail and her team and began to learn about Family of Hope Services, I found myself deeply moved by the vision and wisdom with which they are running the Centre. They see clearly what is required to foster dignity, self-confidence, and not just an impression of hope but the real possibility of moving ahead for all of the children and youth that come through their doors. Their programming is life-changing for a lot of the kids and I am a witness to this over the past year. Everything they do is undertaken with the utmost integrity and honesty. It is truly humbling to be in the company of people with such graciousness, big hearts, and insight.”


Danette Jaeb. Danette sponsored all marketing materials including our brochure, website, Annual General Report, and newsfeeds; hundreds of photos; and recently wrote and is publishing a fund-raising book to help us raise money to build a new Centre.