Our Community Cleans, Cooks, and Cares

Over 30 women and one man maintain and clean our building, cook and feed the children.

Some come daily to prepare meals for over 220 children.  They also tend the garden and mobilize other people to help keep the centre grounds clean and safe for the children.

Each Care Team Volunteer watches over at least 10 children from FHS.



What does watching over the children involve?

Our Care Team volunteers keep an eye on between 10 and 15 of our children.  They make sure the children are safe at all times.  If the child needs help or a shoulder or comforting pair of arms, their guardian is there.  If a child is not coming to school at FHS, their Care Team volunteer will seek them out and find out what the problem is.  The Care Team volunteers also make home visits to check on the child’s living conditions.

Our Care Team volunteers live in poverty and face the same struggles that exist in the homes of the children we support.  Yet, they help because they know that the only hope for the future of the children, is to take action now.