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It’s Cheaper to Cross the Border When You’re Alive

Say what?

When working with people who live on the edge of survival, every large expense can be a colossal hurdle that forces those affected to ask others for money.  We just had another lesson in […]

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The Broad Range of Issues When Living in Poverty

Orphaned and vulnerable children who live in poverty face enormous struggles that span a broad range of issues.  In addition to not having their basic needs met, these children might also be HIV positive, suffer from abuse, have to work to support the household, and develop a limited view on life from within their very confined worlds.  For children in these situations, it is difficult to develop a good sense of self worth. […]

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FHS is Administratively Light and Volunteer Heavy!!!!

Would you work full-time for less than $300 USD per month?  How about for nothing?
In the world of sponsoring non-profit organizations, many people are worried that their donations are eaten up by large salaries and overhead costs to provide a good living for the management and staff.  Yet, it is almost shocking […]

April 26th, 2013|0 Comments

Kids Need to Know How to Dream


When all that a child knows is hunger, sleeping in a small, tin shack with maybe more than a dozen people, and sometimes constant fear for their own safety, they don’t even know that there is another world. Family of Hope Services (FHS) is changing that for many of the orphans and […]

November 9th, 2012|0 Comments

Education is the Foundation

When Karembera Petrus was less than 10 years old, his father died in their village of Rundu, and Kerembera had to quit school to look after the family cattle. While on the farm and at various family homes, Karembera endured abuse and suffering.  It wasn’t until 2006, when his mother, Lovisa, moved the family to Windhoek to seek a better life for her children that Karembera’s life took a turn full of hope. […]

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The EU and TDH Co-Fund FHS to Promote Birth Registration and Human Rights

We are privileged to be part of a program that will facilitate the promotion of birth registrations and raise awareness of human rights for children in the informal settlements in Katutura.   The EU and Fondazione Terre des Hommes Italy (TDH) are funding the program to the tune of N$2,7 million, with the EU contributing 60% of the project costs, and TDH, one of our current major sponsors, funding 40% of the project. Our role in the partnership is to deliver information services along with Hope Initiatives Southern Africa (HISA), and to work closely with the Government of Namibia.  We will be setting up an information desk to help caregivers acquire all documentation needed to register for a birth certificate.  This office will be located on the plot of land in Havana (Katutura) that we want to purchase for our new centre.  We will be open […]

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Where We Live

Katutura is a former apartheid township on the outskirts of the City of Windhoek.
There was a time when communities were self-sufficient in Namibia. The many tribes here survived either completely off the land by hunting and foraging for tubers, roots, eggs and such, or off their livestock and agricultural produce. Europeans started to arrive […]

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Are You a Good Leader?

Twenty youth from Family of Hope Services spent five days learning life-changing values and skills to develop their leadership potential.  These youth attended a workshop hosted by two facilitators from The Cleft Trust, Dion Kandima and Brian Mulipah, at the Hodygos Training Centre about 60 kilometres outside of Windhoek.   They were subjected to a host of challenging activities, talks, and a rigorous program.

“One of the many lessons our kids learned at the camp was that you […]

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Thank you to our Sponsors and Donors in 2011!

Without the generous and on-going support of the organizations, individuals, companies and groups who believe in us and continue to educate, feed and care for the children at Family of Hope Services, none of this would be possible.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to: […]

January 3rd, 2012|Comments Off on Thank you to our Sponsors and Donors in 2011!

And More Clothes from New York – Thank you, Ms. Zollner!

Something the kids and volunteers at Family of Hope Services always need is clothing!   While the children have school uniforms which are provided by their sponsors, most of the kids have very few street clothes.  Our volunteers also make do with very little.  So needless to say, the thirteen huge boxes that arrived before Christmas, packed full of good quality clothing for children and adults of all ages, was another gift to bring further joy […]

January 3rd, 2012|Comments Off on And More Clothes from New York – Thank you, Ms. Zollner!