Birth Registration in Great Demand

Imagine your child not having a birth certificate at the age of 14.  Aside from all of the other issues your child would have by not having a formal identity, your child would not be able to go to school.  […]

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FHS is Administratively Light and Volunteer Heavy!!!!

Would you work full-time for less than $300 USD per month?  How about for nothing?
In the world of sponsoring non-profit organizations, many people are worried that their donations are eaten up by large salaries and overhead costs to provide a good living for the management and staff.  Yet, it is almost shocking […]

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RIP Meekulu

In Loving Memory…
We are all shocked by the passing of one of our long-time Care Team volunteers and the grandmother to all of us, Meekulu Secilia Mweukefina David.  Meekulu died on October 11.  Meekulu (the most respectful word for Grandmother in Oshiwambo) showed no signs of illness, and died suddenly of a stroke while in her kitchen preparing a meal for her grandson and other children.  She was 77 years old. […]

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By Cindy McLamma, June 2010

The lines that criss-cross her face read like a road map marking out the journey she has taken since her birth more than 63 years ago. Secilia Mukefina David, better known as Ouma (Grandmother), is an icon at Family of Hope Services (FHS). She comes every day to assist lead cook, Esther, with the feeding programme, but her impact on young and old alike is much farther reaching.

I first met Ouma nearly two years ago on one of my very first visits to FHS. During that visit and on so many occasions since, I have been drawn to her in spite of our cultural and communication gaps. We converse primarily through non- verbal methods, such as the unmistakable twinkle in her eye when she is amused, which is most the time I am around!


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