A local charity in Windhoek, Huis Maerua Children’s Home, has donated surplus toys received from their donors to support our Katutura toy library.  Our toy library has been in operation for two years now and it is making a big difference for the children we support.  Many studies demonstrate that play is very important for children which is why in 2015 we set up a toy library with the sponsorship and support from both National Early Childhood Development (NECD) in Windhoek, and Terre des hommes Germany.

Toys donated by Huis Maeura

A special thank you to Christine van der Vyver and Johne Marais, a social worker from House Maerua, for keeping us in mind for the toy donation.  We are grateful for their help.
Many people don’t realize that play allows a child to learn and discover, and to be free to be who they are at that moment in time.  Play can also ease the level of anxiety many children living in challenging conditions experience when they don’t feel whole or intact. This is important for our children.  Our staff also help the children’s caregivers to understand the importance of play for healthy child development, so the learning continues in their home environment.

Our toy library at our centre in Katutura. Family of Hope Services

Our toy library at Family of Hope Services in Katutura

The toys where delivered to us by students from the Potchefstroom University in South Africa, who are participating in a community outreach activity hosted annually by Huis Maerua Children’s Home. This year Huis Maerua choose us for their outreach activity and provided toys for our toy library.  The students they are hosting spent an afternoon with our children, playing educational games, feeding the children and providing welcome treats in the form of sweets and cookies.

Volunteers with Huis Maeura delivering the toys to our children at Family of Hope Services

We have a special relationship with Huis Maerua Children’s Home and appreciate their support.  We often refer children and adults in need to them when we are unable to help, and they send two social workers to our centre once a week to offer counseling to our children and caregivers.
Huis Maerua Children Children cares for children who suffer due to neglect, abandonment, poverty, abuse or social unacceptable living conditions. They support children in all aspects of their lives: housing, food, clothing, school, transport, camping, social activities and medical care including therapy. They strive to give children the best upbringing and they are lovingly nurtured back to emotional and physical health.
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