We Need More Donors and Sponsors

Thank you to those who’ve helped us to date:

Over the past five years these organizations have contributed more than

$5,000 USD


and have made a big difference in our world.

We still need lots of help and humbly continue to ask for support from the community at large.

Check out the links of our donors below!!!


Terre des Hommes – International Federation

Terre des hommes Italia (TDH) was founded in Milan in 1989 as an arm of the Terres des hommes International Federation  based in Geneva and Brussels.  Their mission is to help children in need by giving them a chance in life.  Their project with FHS enhances community based social protection for orphans and vulnerable children.  Their contribution has been invaluable to us.  They support 259 FHS children annually by sending them to school for a full year through our Education Program.  They also provide a small amount towards salaries for the staff at FHS.  Visit their website…

TDH Italy



European Union and Fondazione Terre des Hommes Italy

FHS entered into a two-year agreement with the EU and Fondazione Terre des Hommes Italy (TDH) as a partner to facilitate the promotion of birth registrations and raise awareness of human rights for orphans and vulnerable children in the informal settlements in Katutura.   The EU and TDH funded the program to the tune of N$2,7 million ($335,000 USD; €243.000), with the EU contributing 60% of the project costs, and TDH contributing 40% of the project. FHS operates information desks to help caregivers acquire all documentation needed to register for a birth certificate.  The program sponsored three new administration buildings on the site where FHS will build our new Centre. Check out the EU’s website:

European Union


Laurelton Reign Diamonds, a Subsidiary of Tiffany & Co.

Laurelton Reign Diamonds, a subsidiary of Tiffany & Co., has been manufacturing diamonds in Namibia since 2007.  They are making our quest for the new FHS centre possible.  In 2010, Laurelton Reign Diamonds announced the construction of their new manufacturing plant in Katutura and donated $20,000 USD to FHS in support of the local community.  In 2011 they donated an additional $15,000 USD to FHS during the grand opening of their new factory.  The money is being used to  purchase and develop the land for the new FHS Centre.  Visit their website…

Laurelton Reign Diamonds


Africa Inland Mission

AIM is a non-denominational mission that sends volunteers from countries throughout the world to African countries.  They send 5 volunteers annually to FHS who work as teachers, tutors, administrators, and facilitators of group discussions.  They’ve been helping FHS since 2007.  Visit their website…

African Inland Mission

My Creative Mind12292_383247945282_717625282_4405194_2201197_nMy Creative Mind

My Creative Mind is the entity of a Canadian marketing professional, currently based in Belgium, with over 20 years experience.  She donated the research, development, production and writing of all marketing materials, including the brochure, newsletters, proposals, this website for FHS, and the writing, layout and set up of the book, Walk a Mile in My Shoes.  Visit her website…

My Creative Mind



Imago Dei Namibia

Imago Dei is a Namibian organization with a goal to transform Namibia into a healthy, food-secure nation where all preventable, infectious and parasitic diseases (including HIV/AIDS) are under control and people can enjoy higher standards of living and a good quality of life in a safer society.  They serve as a link between those who need to receive and those who want to give, and mobilize funds they receive so they are applied efficiently and effectively for optimum impact.   Imago Dei has been supporting FHS since 2009 with help for gas and kitchen maintenance and then funding FHS with close to $10,000 USD annually to spend on food. They’ve also personally delivered hundreds of food items to feed  the children directly. Visit their website:

Imago Dei Namibia


Biosphere Expeditions

Biosphere Expeditions coordinates holiday volunteer work expeditions in various countries throughout the world.  They host FHS children twice a month on game drive events at Ongos farm.  Kids are taught about wildlife conservation and about Namibian animals.   International volunteers provide the instruction.  Biosphere Expeditions also provide a week-long, life-skills youth camp for 20 FHS youth, once a year in the Namib desert.   Visit their website…

Biosphere Expeditions

279x298BEN Namibia

The main mission of BEN Namibia is to empower disadvantaged Namibians through provision of sustainable transport and bicycle-related income generation opportunities. BEN Namibia imports used bicycles from various overseas partners and establishes community owned and run bicycle shops called Bicycle Empowerment Centres (BECs).  BEN Namibia set up a BEC for FHS and trained our people to run the operation and to repair bicycles.  This BEC generates income for FHS and ensures we have funds in the event of emergencies.  Visit their website:

BEN Namibia


Bicycles for Humanity

Bicycles for Humanity helps African people gain access to mobility and a better life in their communities.  They started in 2006 with the intent to send one container of bikes from communities in central British Columbia, Canada, to Africa, and grew rapidly to eight containers.  In 2010 they shipped a container to FHS with hundreds of bikes.  The container serves as a warehouse for bike repairs and new shipments, and the bikes themselves are being peddled all over Katutura and Windhoek.


"change for a change"

“change for a change”


Little Red Hen

Little Red Hen is a group of women who raise money from all over the United States to help those in need, in particular for the kids at FHS.  The group was inspired by Suzanne Rineer who devotes her life to empowering women and children. While living in Namibia she mobilized her mother, Jackie Reeder,  and her friends in the U.S. to support her cause, and they raised money using a red ceramic hen and, thus the name.  In 2006 they purchased a refrigerator for FHS, bought a caterer’s stove plus gas tank and installed it.  Since then have provided FHS with groceries, baby formula, over 500 wool blankets, eye glasses, a bicycle, fencing, made repairs on tin homes, paid hospital bills, burial fees, and continue to sponsor seven FHS children every year for school fees and meals.


Siobhan Zollner and Staff at Tiffany & Co. in New York

After visiting the FHS xentre in March, 2011, Siobhan Zollner asked friends and colleagues to donate clothing and supplies for the children at FHS. The first shipment arrived in July and the generosity and quality of the clothes were overwhelming and filled a great need. Ms. Zollner organized a second, even larger shipment of clothes, toys and shoes (13 huge boxes) just before Christmas 2011, and made the holiday season complete for many children whose only access to clothes is from donations or sponsors. More clothes were donated again in 2012.   We just received notification that another large shipment of clothing is being sent in 2014.  These efforts are invaluable to FHS. The joy these clothes have brought to so many is not to be underestimated.  The value of these shipments is extensive.