Cindy McClamma

American Cindy McClamma – African Inland Mission.  Volunteered for two years from 2009 through 2010.  Cindy helped set up our sponsorship program and was instrumental in raising a lot of money for FHS.  She also wrote and launched our first newsletters and fostered a number of good relationships within Namibia on our behalf.

Hannah SterlingIMG_3435

American Hannah Sterling – African Inland Mission.  Volunteered for two 18 months from 2009 through 2010. Hannah Sterling took on a myriad of duties with emphasis on training teachers to use positive discipline, dealing with behavioral problems, tracking and reporting for the feeding program, setting up a new database, and substitute teaching. When Hannah returned to the United States, she produced a 2011 calendar using her own exceptional photos that she took while working at FHS, and successfully raised over $2600 USD which she donated in 2011. Hannah also sponsors FHS child, Kaiti, and she brings a number of other sponsors to FHS.