Our children have very few possessions and often are cold during the Namibian winter. A few basic needs such as a blanket, winter jacket, change of clothing, shoes, and hygiene products go a long way. Often children don’t go to school because they can’t clean themselves properly or because they are too cold to walk.

Our children also live in homes without electricity and are unable to study at night because they do not have lights. Solar lanterns are an incredible help.

We also like to keep an emergency fund for medical care and any intervention we might have to undertake to either treat a child or to protect a child from harm. The intervention costs for a child in an abusive situation include taxis for the intervention workers so that immediate action can be taken such as rescuing a child or interviewing a child. Hospital costs are also somewhat minimal and include any treatment and prescriptions through the State hospital.

We collect donations and various items from individuals and companies to address these needs of our children.